"Character" Development Discussion March 12th

(released 3/4/2013)

The Comedy Bar NYC is the location for New York Television Festival's monthly event NYTVF TV Tuesdays. The March edition will be held Tuesday the 12th with "Character" being the discussion as it is applied to scripted and non-scripted development of TV programming.

Confirmed guests are Dan Pasternack, VP Development for IFC, and Sean Gottlieb, Supervising Producer for VH1. The evening is scheduled to begin at 6:30p.m.

Following the discussion will be a mixer where you can network and find the DP, editor, Sound tech, lighting, set designer, or craftsman for your next project. The "Cocktails with Craftsmen" and the "Character" discussion panel are free events.

Both happenings require an RSVP to enter by following through to the RSVP eventbrite page here: nytvf.com/newsletter/newsletter2013-3-1.html

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