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Late Night TV Returns October 2
(released 9/28/2023)
New York Comic Con is Coming
(released 9/27/2023)
PaleyFest NY Runs October 11-17
(released 9/19/2023)
Made in NY Talks Fall Schedule
(released 9/12/2023)
Movie Nights at Hudson Yards
(released 9/11/2023)
NY WIFT Night Out Networking Mixer
(released 9/11/2023)
Film still from Style Wars 100 Years of New York on Film
(released 8/31/2023)
Natalie Portman, Julianne Moore - screen shot of May December 61st NYFF Main Slate Announced
(released 8/14/2023)
(released 7/14/2023)
David Lynch Retrospective at IFC
(released 5/12/2023)
WGAe workers preparing for an imminent strike by making picket signs. Writers Guild Strike Imminent
(released 4/28/2023)
Publicity photo of Lillian Gish directing the silent motion picture Remodeling Her Husband, 1920, Billy Rose Theatre Division. ABOUT The Silent Film Era
(released 4/21/2023)
artwork from Eating Miss Campbell Troma Weekend at Film Noir Cinema
(released 4/21/2023)
Performer on stage singing during Raiders of the Lost Ark event - June 2022 Movies at United Palace Is Back
(released 4/13/2023)
Dani Bowman, 2022 awardee, at the Marvels of Media exhibit. Photo: Thanassi Karageorgiou Marvels of Media Awards at MoMI
(released 3/23/2023)
TEN DEGREES OF STRANGE by Lynn Tomlinson Animation Nights NY is March 26
(released 3/19/2023)
©A.M.P.A.S.® - Everything Everywhere All At Once wins Best Picture and 7 Oscars in total 95th Academy Award Winners
(released 3/13/2023)
Charlie Kaufman and Alissa Wilkinson - IFC Center Charlie Kaufman at IFC Center
(released 2/10/2023)
Elvis Mitchell at the 2008 Sarasota Film Festival Elvis Mitchell At Metrograph
(released 1/31/2023)
NYWIFT Talks Stuntwomen
(released 1/24/2023)
Screengrab from Instagram Live feed by SAG Awards 2023 SAG Award Nominations Are In
(released 1/11/2023)
National Board of Review Awards
(released 1/10/2023)
Eddie Murphy / Netflix Golden Globes Honoring Eddie Murphy
(released 12/26/2022)
Sam Mendes talking at Film at Lincoln Center Sam Mendes and Empire of Light
(released 12/9/2022)
Gotham Awards Set For November 28th
(released 11/14/2022)
Conversation on Making TV in NYC
(released 11/8/2022)
New York Comic Con Is Upon Us
(released 10/5/2022)
Sutton Foster at the Music Man table during Broadway Flea Market Broadway Flea Market Brings Stars
(released 9/26/2022)
SNL Season 48 Returns October 1st
(released 9/22/2022)
Jimmy Kimmel Live Back in Brooklyn
(released 8/17/2022)
Crew on 119th Street The Crowded Room Filming in Harlem
(released 7/27/2022)
Sebastian Stan (left), Adam Pearson (center) A Different Man Shooting on UWS
(released 7/14/2022)
Kathy Najimy, Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker. Photo courtesy of Disney Enterprises. Hocus Pocus 2 Coming in September
(released 7/1/2022)
Screenshot from "Good Girl Jane" - The Founders Award for Best U.S. Narrative Feature 2022 Tribeca Festival Winners
(released 6/22/2022)
Bryant Park Summer Movie Schedule
(released 6/7/2022)
Bienvenue Films On The Green 2022
(released 5/28/2022)
Rendering of planned Lionsgate Newark Studios Lionsgate Announces Newark Studios
(released 5/17/2022)
The Patterson Premiere and Talk
(released 5/13/2022)
YoFiFest Accepting Submissions
(released 4/6/2022)
Made In NY Academy Award Winners
(released 3/28/2022)
Ryan Michelle Bathé and Jordan Johnson-Hinds (white shirt) NBC's The Endgame Shooting in FiDi
(released 3/14/2022)
5th Annual NYWIFT Shorts Festival
(released 3/8/2022)
Omar Epps in Juice (1992) New York 90's Film Series at BAM
(released 3/7/2022)
MoMI's Teen Film Festival 2022
(released 3/3/2022)
Background players walking to their marks in Fosun Plaza Netflix's Jigsaw Shooting in FiDi
(released 3/2/2022)
Athena Film Festival Time is Here
(released 2/25/2022)
Super Bowl LVI Reel Ads
(released 2/9/2022)
View of production from Edens Alley City On A Hill In Production
(released 2/2/2022)
<a href="" target="_blank">Christina Ricci at the premiere of Monster. Cineramadome LA - November 16, 2003</a> Everybody Loves Ricci at Nitehawk
(released 1/9/2022)
NYC Overcoming Premieres on NY Life
(released 12/14/2021)
On Broadway Screening Thru JCC
(released 10/12/2021)
Bette Midler in Hocus Pocus being screened at the Warwick Drive-In - October 2, 2020 Hocus Pocus in the Bronx
(released 10/11/2021)
Good Fellas in 4K at Film Forum
(released 8/31/2021)
Movie Nights in Bryant Park
(released 7/29/2021)
Summer Movies in Prospect Park
(released 7/22/2021)
Photograph by Karolina Wojtasik/HBO Max HBO's Gossip Girl Reboots Today
(released 7/8/2021)
2021 Films on the Green Schedule
(released 6/14/2021)
Donte Hoagland The Last OG Filming in Manhattan
(released 5/26/2021)
BAMcinemaFest 2021 logo BAMcinemaFest Is Back June 23-29
(released 5/23/2021)
Cristina Costantini and Kareem Tabsch New York WIFT Talks This Week
(released 7/12/2020)
Marshall Curry, Carol Dysinger, Jeff Reichert New York Repped with Five Oscars
(released 2/10/2020)
Bridget Moynahan, on set of Blue Bloods, along with crew. Blue Bloods Shooting Season 10
(released 1/30/2020)
Chip Parham, actor Edward Prostak, writer/director Cinder Chou, and writer/producer/editor Brittany Prater First Artists & Beers for 2020
(released 1/17/2020)
Awkwafina Taking Over the 7 Train
(released 1/16/2020)
Dani Thomas, Ricardo Manigat, Rachel Pearl, Ben Myers, Gayatri Bahl "Power Out" Wins December IndieWorks
(released 12/17/2019)
Paris Theatre with Pavarotti on the marquee. June 2019 Paris Theatre Saved By Netflix
(released 11/26/2019)
Screen image from House of Cardin 10th DOC NYC is November 6-15
(released 10/29/2019)
Empire State Building night. New York Takes Home 36 Emmy Awards
(released 9/27/2019)
Daytime skyline of Manhattan Fall 2019 Daytime Television Shows
(released 9/25/2019)
Made In NY Talks - Fall 2019 Made In NY Talks - Fall 2019
(released 9/24/2019)
Awkwafina and Natasha Lyonne Awkwafina is Nora From Queens
(released 9/10/2019)
Elayne Boosler Back on NY Stage
(released 8/29/2019)
PaleyFest NY Previews New TV Shows
(released 8/23/2019)
Latino Film and Arts Festival NYC
(released 6/17/2019)
Jobs Available
(released 6/12/2019)
A Conversation with Michael Barker
(released 5/18/2019)
Writers Guild Award Winners 2019
(released 2/20/2019)
Oscars Party Ballot
(released 2/20/2019)
Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider at the 2018 New York Television Festival. The Other Two Gets Season Two
(released 2/11/2019)
9th Annual Athena Film Festival
(released 1/27/2019)
IndieWorks in January - Join Them
(released 12/27/2018)
Willie Reale, Kelsie Kiley, Ryan Cunningham, and Estelle Caswell at SVA Theatre - October 22, 2018 How to Make TV in NYC
(released 10/23/2018)
8 Film Related Events for Halloween
(released 10/17/2018)
This Week at the Comedy Cellar
(released 10/11/2018)
Film Forum Re-Opens August 1st
(released 7/31/2018)
July IndieWorks is Tuesday in LIC
(released 7/9/2018)
NYTVF Does Summer in the City
(released 7/6/2018)
(released 6/1/2018)
Grant Available for Comedians
(released 5/31/2018)
7th Annual People's Film Festival
(released 5/22/2018)
Casting: The Lives of Tiresias
(released 5/22/2018)
Director Erika Cohn and Lauren Weiner (Political Communications Manager, ACLU) The Judge Opens April 13th in NYC
(released 4/13/2018)
6 Things To Do This Weekend in NYC
(released 3/30/2018)
2 Things To Do This Weekend
(released 3/23/2018)
Topic Talks: Who Are You?
(released 3/5/2018)
Next IndieWorks is February 13
(released 1/21/2018)
75th Golden Globe Award Nominations
(released 12/13/2017)
Grammy Award Nominations Announced
(released 11/28/2017)
DOC NYC 2017 Runs November 9-16
(released 11/9/2017)
Netflix Lands Letterman
(released 8/31/2017)
QED Now Has a Podcasting Studio
(released 7/31/2017)
On set of Derek Is Funny with Reid Artstein, Duke Denzel Williams, and Francis Marcus Burke On Set with Derek Is Funny
(released 7/5/2017)
Q&A at the February 2017 IndieWorks at the Local NYC in Long Island City. IndieWorks at Local LIC July 18
(released 6/20/2017)
(released 6/5/2017)
James Caan at Florida Film Festival The Caan Film Festival
(released 5/16/2017)
Albanian Film Week May 26-29
(released 5/16/2017)
Films on the Green Begins in June
(released 5/8/2017)
Tony Awards Nominations Announced
(released 5/2/2017)