News Archive
NYWIFT Industry Screening of In The Same Breath   (released 5/7/2021)
People's Film Festival is May 30 Thru June 6   (released 5/6/2021)
Brooklyn Film Festival is June 5-13   (released 5/5/2021)
Hamptons Submission Deadline Extended to May 18th   (released 5/4/2021)
Suspicion Filming in Washington Square Park   (released 5/4/2021)
Hulu's Life & Beth Shooting with Amy Schumer   (released 4/29/2021)
In The Heights To Open 20th Tribeca Film Festival   (released 4/22/2021)
11th Queens World Film Festival Coming in June   (released 4/21/2021)
ReelAbilities Film Festival Runs April 29 - May 5   (released 4/20/2021)
Animation Nights New York April Screening Event   (released 4/16/2021)
Vaccination Site in Times Square for Entertainers   (released 4/15/2021)
Museum of Moving Image Is Re-Opening   (released 4/14/2021)
Oscar Nominated Shorts Playing at IFC Center   (released 4/12/2021)
Law & Order: SVU Filming in Lower Manhattan   (released 4/11/2021)
Proposed Vimeo Board Includes Spike Lee   (released 4/8/2021)
Only Murders Shooting on the Upper West Side Again   (released 3/31/2021)
Vaccine Town Hall for Arts & Entertainment   (released 3/30/2021)
20th Tribeca Film Festival Taking Place in June   (released 3/30/2021)
Blue Bloods Shooting in Central Park   (released 3/19/2021)
Actor Ethan Hawke Talks About New Book at NYPL   (released 3/17/2021)
Bushwick Film Festival Accepting Submissions   (released 3/17/2021)
Movie Theaters are Reopening in the City   (released 3/4/2021)
WarnerMedia Aims to Amplify Marginalized Voices   (released 3/4/2021)
Gossip Girl Reboot Shooting in the City   (released 3/3/2021)
Animation Night New York - Online Screening   (released 2/20/2021)
2021 NYC Public School Film Festival Submissions   (released 2/10/2021)
Taraji and SJP Announce Golden Globe Nominations   (released 2/4/2021)
Only Murders in the Building on Upper West Side   (released 1/18/2021)
NY Social Justice Film Festival This Week   (released 1/12/2021)
Made in NY Award Going to Awkwafina   (released 12/14/2020)
Athena Film Festival Will Be Virtual in March   (released 12/14/2020)
Moving Image Award Gala Honoring Director Wolfe   (released 12/10/2020)
Disney Celebrates 30 Years with Kelly Ripa   (released 11/8/2020)
Film & TV Production is Really Happening in NYC   (released 10/27/2020)
Tribeca Accepting Submissions Including Games   (released 10/7/2020)
Catch the Warwick Drive-In While the Season Lasts   (released 10/5/2020)
13th Bushwick Film Festival is October 21-25   (released 9/30/2020)
16 Emmys for Made In NY Productions   (released 9/23/2020)
Fresh Air and Movies at Syndicated BK   (released 8/26/2020)
Michael Almereyda Discusses Tesla with Linklater   (released 8/21/2020)
MTV's VMA Awards Will Air Live Sunday August 30th   (released 8/19/2020)
New York Comedy Festival Canceled For 2020   (released 8/12/2020)
Watchmen Leads Noms, Kimmel To Host Emmys   (released 7/29/2020)
4th Annual Latino Film Market Running Thru Aug 2nd   (released 7/27/2020)
Made in NY Media Center by IFP is Closing   (released 7/27/2020)
New York WIFT Talks This Week   (released 7/12/2020)
Judy Gold Discusses Modern Freedoms with Rosie   (released 7/7/2020)
Athena Film Festival Accepting Submissions   (released 6/27/2020)
NYC Film Office Accepting Film Permit Applications   (released 6/26/2020)
DCTV Supports BLM with Filmmaker Resources   (released 6/15/2020)
Film Permit Restrictions Extended Through June 30   (released 6/15/2020)
Online Chat with Writer Felicia Pride   (released 6/9/2020)
Free Screening of Julio from Jackson Heights   (released 6/9/2020)
Brooklyn Film Festival 2020 Winners Announced   (released 6/8/2020)
Back To One: Production Guidelines   (released 6/3/2020)
Met Opera Cancels First Few Months of 2020 Season   (released 6/3/2020)
Womxn Owning It Chat with Alex Wolf   (released 5/25/2020)
Athena Film Festival Virtual Writers Lab   (released 5/25/2020)
23rd Brooklyn Film Festival Goes Online   (released 5/14/2020)
BelAire Diner Drive-In Screening of Dirty Dancing   (released 5/12/2020)
Film Permits Restricted Through May 31st   (released 4/30/2020)
Lincoln Center Adjusts - Postpones Chaplin Award   (released 4/23/2020)
Bushwick Film Fest Launches Netflix Watch Party   (released 4/10/2020)
NYC Women Filmmakers Holding Virtual Events   (released 4/9/2020)
2020 Women's Film, TV and Theatre Fund Winners   (released 3/25/2020)
PA Training Program Info Session Go Online   (released 3/24/2020)
Film Festivals Adjust to Coronavirus   (released 3/19/2020)
Woman In Motion Screens at Athena Film Festival   (released 3/6/2020)
Philip K Dick Sci-Fi Film Festival is March 4-8   (released 3/3/2020)
The Next Animation Nights NY is March 17   (released 3/3/2020)
Bayside Historical Society Honors Women with Film   (released 2/28/2020)
NYWIFT Ravenal Foundation Grant Deadline   (released 2/26/2020)
NewFilmmakers Screening Women's Works on Wednesday   (released 2/24/2020)
Barbara Kopple at IFC Center for Desert One   (released 2/10/2020)
New York Repped with Five Oscars   (released 2/10/2020)
Showtime Billions Shooting on the Upper West Side   (released 2/6/2020)
Lena Waithe Caps Black History Salute at Paley   (released 2/1/2020)
Blue Bloods Shooting Season 10   (released 1/30/2020)
10th Annual Athena Film Festival Announces Lineup   (released 1/27/2020)
First Artists & Beers for 2020   (released 1/17/2020)
Awkwafina Taking Over the 7 Train   (released 1/16/2020)
New York Jewish Film Festival is Now   (released 1/15/2020)
Spike Lee Leads Cannes Film Festival Jury   (released 1/14/2020)
Alex Gibney to Accompany Screening of Citizen K   (released 1/12/2020)
Her Smell with Alex Ross Perry - Live   (released 1/9/2020)
Vimeo Festival and Awards Best of the Year   (released 1/4/2020)
"Power Out" Wins December IndieWorks   (released 12/17/2019)
Filmshop Screening of To Kid or Not To Kid   (released 12/11/2019)
Grindhouse Movie Double Feature at Film Noir   (released 12/10/2019)
Screening of Two American Audiences at Macaulay   (released 12/10/2019)
Golden Globe Award Nominations Announced   (released 12/9/2019)
Trailer for Awkwafina is Nora from Queens   (released 12/6/2019)
2019 Gotham Award Winners Announced   (released 12/5/2019)
Celebrate Winter's Eve at Lincoln Square   (released 12/1/2019)
40th NYWIFT Muse Awards are December 10th   (released 12/1/2019)
Paris Theatre Saved By Netflix   (released 11/26/2019)
IDA Screened Hail Satan? at Cinema Village   (released 11/21/2019)
2020 Chaplin Award Will Honor Spike Lee   (released 11/18/2019)
Alicia Keys to Host 62nd Grammy Awards   (released 11/15/2019)
Attanasio Premieres Mickey and the Bear   (released 11/14/2019)
Next Animation Nights is November 19th   (released 11/8/2019)
Misha Calvert's Latest Series "All Hail Beth"   (released 11/8/2019)
7th Nitehawk Shorts Festival is Nov 12-18 in Bklyn   (released 11/7/2019)
NY Premiere of The Primrose at Friars Club   (released 11/4/2019)
Lucky 13 Script Wins Athena List Development Grant   (released 10/30/2019)
10th DOC NYC is November 6-15   (released 10/29/2019)
Celebrate Halloween At These 5 Events   (released 10/27/2019)
And Then We Danced Screening at Scandinavian House   (released 10/24/2019)
2019 Gotham Awards Nominations Announced   (released 10/24/2019)
All Things Comedy To Produce Patrice O'Neal Doc   (released 10/23/2019)
RBG Filmmakers Creating Julia Child Documentary   (released 10/21/2019)
First Saturdays Presents Rock Rubber 45s   (released 10/5/2019)
Women's Film Series at Bronx Documentary Center   (released 10/5/2019)
Inaugural Shortie Film Festival in Brooklyn   (released 10/3/2019)
Jimmy Kimmel Live to Broadcast from Brooklyn Again   (released 10/3/2019)
Reading Noir at Jefferson Market Library   (released 10/1/2019)
New York Takes Home 36 Emmy Awards   (released 9/27/2019)
Martin Scorsese Opens NYFF with The Irishman   (released 9/27/2019)
Fall 2019 Daytime Television Shows   (released 9/25/2019)
Made In NY Talks - Fall 2019   (released 9/24/2019)
End of Summer Wins September IndieWorks   (released 9/23/2019)
Harley Prosper Doc Screening with Cinematographer   (released 9/20/2019)
Fall 2019 Late Night Television Shows   (released 9/18/2019)
Radical Film Fair Was a Success at Kickstarter HQ   (released 9/16/2019)
Sunnyside Comedy Series Airing Thursdays This Fall   (released 9/14/2019)
Animation Nights - Monthly and Best of Fest Annual   (released 9/13/2019)
Comedy Videos on the Rooftop of Our Wicked Lady   (released 9/12/2019)
Awkwafina is Nora From Queens   (released 9/10/2019)
Screening of Showtime at El Barrio Firehouse   (released 9/9/2019)
Free Screening of Minuscule in Greenpoint - Update   (released 9/4/2019)
IndieWorks Has a New Home at Sanger Hall   (released 9/2/2019)
19th Coney Island Film Festival is September 13-15   (released 8/29/2019)
Elayne Boosler Back on NY Stage   (released 8/29/2019)
Late Show with Colbert Welcomes Former VP Biden   (released 8/27/2019)
PaleyFest NY Previews New TV Shows   (released 8/23/2019)
Bushwick Film Festival Celebrating Space and Time   (released 8/12/2019)
Filmmaking Pioneer D A Pennebaker Dies at 94   (released 8/8/2019)
Celebrate Harlem Week All Month Long at the Apollo   (released 8/6/2019)
New York Film Festival Opens with The Irishman   (released 8/6/2019)
Empire State Lit for Orange Is The New Black   (released 8/3/2019)
Jeff Goldblum At The Mountain Opening   (released 7/31/2019)
Festival of Cinema NYC in Queens Starting August 2   (released 7/29/2019)
Spielberg Sighting - West Side Story on UWS   (released 7/24/2019)
A Discussion on Intersectionality in Film   (released 7/23/2019)
Governor Diverts Film Credit Money to Job Training   (released 7/19/2019)
Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Season 11 is Here   (released 7/18/2019)
Silent Clowns Presents Hal Roach Studios Classics   (released 7/11/2019)
Pose FX Shooting on Location on the UWS   (released 7/9/2019)
Brooklyn Film Festival 2019 Award Winners   (released 7/2/2019)
Hudson RiverFlicks - Free Summer Screenings   (released 7/1/2019)
Instinct S2 starring Alan Cumming Starts Sunday   (released 6/28/2019)
Sarnoff Named Chair and CEO of Warner Bros   (released 6/26/2019)
NY Asian Film Festival is June 28 - July 14   (released 6/25/2019)
Paris Theatre May Close After Pavarotti Run   (released 6/21/2019)
This Week at the Comedy Cellar Gets 2nd Season   (released 6/21/2019)
Rooftop Films Screening New York Centric Shorts   (released 6/19/2019)
Latino Film and Arts Festival NYC   (released 6/17/2019)
Jobs Available   (released 6/12/2019)
Binge Comedy Central's The Other Two Now   (released 6/12/2019)
Workshop: Launch Your Career in Film   (released 6/4/2019)
Split Screens Festival Celebrates TV Thru June 3   (released 5/30/2019)
Teen Producers Academy Accepting Applications   (released 5/22/2019)
A Conversation with Michael Barker   (released 5/18/2019)
Brooklyn Film Festival is May 31 - June 9   (released 5/16/2019)
Learn Documentary Filmmaking in The Bronx   (released 5/12/2019)
Catch Local TV Show Half Life on NYC Life   (released 5/10/2019)
Sheila Nevins Joins MTV to Launch Doc Division   (released 5/8/2019)
Apocalypse Now Sells Out with Francis Ford Coppola   (released 4/30/2019)
Films on the Green Begins May 31 in Central Park   (released 4/23/2019)
2nd Annual Astoria Film Festival is May 17 & 18   (released 4/23/2019)
ImageNation Campaign Kickoff with Rafiki Screening   (released 4/19/2019)
Alex Ross Perry's Her Smell Brings Chaos to Screen   (released 4/18/2019)
Netflix Expanding in NYC with New Production Hub   (released 4/18/2019)
Anne del Castillo Named NYC Film Commissioner   (released 4/17/2019)
Queens World Film Festival 2019 Award Winners   (released 4/9/2019)
IndieWorks Best of the Fest is April 23   (released 4/8/2019)
HBO's Game of Thrones Premieres Season 8 in NYC   (released 4/4/2019)
Tribeca Film Festival Runs April 24 - May 5   (released 4/4/2019)
Short Habaneros Packs the Zukor at QWFF2019   (released 4/3/2019)
Film Society 50th Anniversary Gala   (released 4/1/2019)
2nd Kit Noir Film Festival is March 27-31   (released 3/26/2019)
Queens World Film Festival 2019 Highlights   (released 3/23/2019)
Mr. Robot Shoots Scene on UWS on Monday   (released 3/18/2019)
Reel Abilities Film Festival Runs April 2-9   (released 3/7/2019)
Made in NY Talks - Spring 2019 Series   (released 3/5/2019)
Women's Film, TV and Theatre Fund Winners   (released 3/2/2019)
Writers Guild Award Winners 2019   (released 2/20/2019)
Oscars Party Ballot   (released 2/20/2019)
Infuse Art into Your Valentines Day   (released 2/13/2019)
DCTV Big Filmmaker Chill with Brooklyn Filmmakers   (released 2/11/2019)
The Other Two Gets Season Two   (released 2/11/2019)
New Late Night Series with David Spade   (released 2/11/2019)
Jonah Hill Shoots Video & Grabs Groceries @ Zabars   (released 2/7/2019)
Leslie Jones Reppin the UES on the UWS   (released 2/5/2019)
Queens World Film Festival 2019 Kickoff Party   (released 2/4/2019)
Mayor's Nightlife Impact Study Results   (released 1/28/2019)
Confessions of a Massage Parlor Madam   (released 1/27/2019)
9th Annual Athena Film Festival   (released 1/27/2019)
Next Animation Nights is Feb 19 at The Gutter   (released 1/25/2019)
Christian Finnegan Workshopping New Album at QED   (released 1/24/2019)
Common Knowledge: Joey Fatone Knows Brooklyn Pizza   (released 1/18/2019)
Commish Menin Transitioning to Census 2020 Duties   (released 1/17/2019)
SNL Returns January 19 with Rachel Brosnahan   (released 1/13/2019)
BlacKkKlansman Screening at Hudson Park Library   (released 1/11/2019)
Hamilton Creator & Friends to Save Drama Book Shop   (released 1/9/2019)
New York Wins At 76th Golden Globes   (released 1/8/2019)
Made in NY Winter 2019 Fellowships   (released 1/7/2019)
NewFilmmakers Winter Season Begins January 2   (released 12/31/2018)
IndieWorks in January - Join Them   (released 12/27/2018)
Karyn Kusama Screening Series at Nitehawk   (released 12/21/2018)
Sparrow Film Project Gala & Winners 2018   (released 12/16/2018)
Matt Dillon Reps The House That Jack Built   (released 12/16/2018)
Sandra Lee's Cancer Journey Documentary   (released 12/4/2018)
Robert Townsend at Maysles Cinema for Documentary   (released 12/3/2018)
Apollo Theater - Careers in Immersive Storytelling   (released 11/29/2018)
Silent Clowns Film Series at the NYPL   (released 11/14/2018)
10th Anniversary Sparrow Film Project Gala   (released 11/11/2018)
How to Make TV in NYC   (released 10/23/2018)
9th DOC NYC Brings Docs and Panels November 8-15   (released 10/22/2018)
Made In NY Talks: How To Make TV in NYC   (released 10/19/2018)
IFP Gotham Award Nominations Announced   (released 10/18/2018)
8 Film Related Events for Halloween   (released 10/17/2018)
Kathleen Turner Scheduled to Perform at The Met   (released 10/16/2018)
This Week at the Comedy Cellar   (released 10/11/2018)
NYFF Offers Free Talks at Lincoln Center   (released 10/5/2018)
72nd Street Subway Station Gets Yoko Ono Treatment   (released 10/4/2018)
Comedy Central Accepting Animation Shorts   (released 10/3/2018)
ANNY's Best of Fest is October 6th and 7th   (released 10/1/2018)
Deadline Approaching for Athena Ad Awards   (released 9/26/2018)
NYC Office of Nightlife Wants to Hear from You   (released 9/26/2018)
Rock Rubber 45s at Brooklyn Historical Society   (released 9/26/2018)
Jimmy Kimmel Live Returning to BAM Brooklyn   (released 9/24/2018)
All Things Comedy Sign Deal with Comedy Central   (released 9/24/2018)
11th Bushwick Film Festival is October 10-14   (released 9/22/2018)
Viewing Party for Dru Cutler's Brain Place   (released 9/15/2018)
8 Things to Know About Coney Island Film Festival   (released 9/11/2018)
IFP Week Celebrating 40 Years is September 15-20   (released 9/6/2018)
Teen Producers Academy Showcase at Maysles   (released 9/4/2018)
NYPL Talks Blaze with Director Ethan Hawke   (released 8/27/2018)
Sparrow Film Project Gearing Up for 10th Year   (released 8/23/2018)
Central Park Conservancy Film Festival   (released 8/14/2018)
Roseanne Tries to Explain Tweet That Got Her Fired   (released 8/3/2018)
Women Owning It Gathering at IFP Media Center   (released 8/1/2018)
Film Forum Re-Opens August 1st   (released 7/31/2018)
New York Television Festival 2018 Winners   (released 7/31/2018)
Michael Torpey Wants Your Student Debt Paid Off   (released 7/30/2018)
Goldthwait & Friends Celebrate Misfits & Monsters   (released 7/24/2018)
John Waters In Person for Revival at IFC Center   (released 7/18/2018)
Broadway in the Boros - Staten Island on Friday   (released 7/12/2018)
20 Years of Outdoor Cinema at Socrates Sculpture   (released 7/12/2018)
Free Films on Governor's Island This Summer   (released 7/12/2018)
Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Earns Freshman Emmy Nom   (released 7/12/2018)
2nd Annual Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema   (released 7/11/2018)
July IndieWorks is Tuesday in LIC   (released 7/9/2018)
ANNY Animation Nights are July 11 and 17   (released 7/9/2018)
NYTVF Does Summer in the City   (released 7/6/2018)
Somebody Feed Phil Screening with Judy Gold   (released 6/27/2018)
Bronx Music Walking Tours This Weekend and Next   (released 6/15/2018)
Live Streaming Workshop at MNN El Barrio   (released 6/15/2018)
Brooklyn Film Festival 2018 Winners   (released 6/14/2018)
Broadway Video's The Other Two Shooting on UWS   (released 6/13/2018)
NYTVF Sees Increase in Productions by Women & POC   (released 6/7/2018)
McKay's En El Septimo Dia Opens June 8th   (released 6/7/2018)
IndieWorks Kicks Off Year 6 on June 5th   (released 6/1/2018)
June is MUSIC MONTH in NYC   (released 6/1/2018)
#ReadingIsLit with HBO and the NYPL   (released 5/31/2018)
The Great Opera House is Streaming on PBS   (released 5/31/2018)
Grant Available for Comedians   (released 5/31/2018)
Brooklyn Film Festival Runs June 1st to 10th   (released 5/30/2018)
Art of Brooklyn Film Festival is June 2-10   (released 5/28/2018)
Films on the Green Starts June 1 in Central Park   (released 5/24/2018)
Brooklyn Library Becomes an Instrument Lender   (released 5/24/2018)
YouTube Workshop for Independent Producers   (released 5/23/2018)
7th Annual People's Film Festival   (released 5/22/2018)
Casting: The Lives of Tiresias   (released 5/22/2018)
Monday Night Films at Jefferson Market   (released 5/19/2018)
NYC Independent Film Festival Award Winners   (released 5/19/2018)
Bilingual Discussion on NYS Film Tax Credits   (released 5/17/2018)
The Gospel According to Andre with Director Novack   (released 5/9/2018)
The Judge Opens April 13th in NYC   (released 4/13/2018)
Brian Wilson Presents: The Christmas Album Live   (released 4/13/2018)
9th NYC Independent Film Festival is May 7-13   (released 4/13/2018)
One Book, One New York is Back for Year Two   (released 4/12/2018)
Montclair Film Festival Runs April 26-May 6   (released 4/11/2018)
NewFilmmakers at Anthology - April 18 & 25   (released 4/11/2018)
IndieWorks 5th Best of the Fest - April 17th   (released 4/10/2018)
Say Hello To My Little Friend - Scarface Restored   (released 4/6/2018)
Free Tickets to the OPPOSITION w/ Jordan Klepper   (released 4/6/2018)
When Science + Reefer = 4/20 Madness   (released 4/4/2018)
5 Film Slang Terms To Get You Set Ready   (released 4/3/2018)
Brooklyn Film Festival Turns 21 in June   (released 4/3/2018)
6 Things To Do This Weekend in NYC   (released 3/30/2018)
45th Chaplin Award Will Honor Helen Mirren   (released 3/30/2018)
Animation Nights - April 11 & 17 in Brooklyn   (released 3/28/2018)
NYC Leading Broadcast Drama Pilots This Season   (released 3/23/2018)
2 Things To Do This Weekend   (released 3/23/2018)
Finance Lab and Workshop for Female Filmmakers   (released 3/15/2018)
STF hosts Oh, Rick! with Rick Crom and Filmmakers   (released 3/10/2018)
Queens World Film Festival is March 15-25   (released 3/6/2018)
Topic Talks: Who Are You?   (released 3/5/2018)
Origin's 1st Irish Theatre Festival Awards   (released 3/4/2018)
Billie Jean King Opened Athena Film Festival 2018   (released 3/1/2018)
A Night of Women Killin It Behind the Camera   (released 2/21/2018)
Philip K. Dick Film Festival is February 23-25   (released 2/20/2018)
Bronx Doc Center to Host Discussion and Screening   (released 2/16/2018)
Central Park Five Panel and Screening   (released 2/9/2018)
Early Short Films by Renowned Female Directors   (released 2/9/2018)
30 Year Anniversary of Spike Lee's School Daze   (released 2/7/2018)
Next IndieWorks is February 13   (released 1/21/2018)
Roundabout Theatre Hosting Panel with Live Stream   (released 1/21/2018)
60th annual Grammy Awards Broadcast from MSG   (released 1/9/2018)
Froemke's The Opera House Screening in the City   (released 1/7/2018)
75th Golden Globe Award Nominations   (released 12/13/2017)
Florida Project Ties NY Film Critics Best Picture   (released 12/13/2017)
Sparrow Film Project 14 Gala & Award Winners   (released 12/13/2017)
Honorees Announced for 2018 Athena Film Festival   (released 12/9/2017)
New York Television Festival Shifts to July   (released 12/9/2017)
Grammy Award Nominations Announced   (released 11/28/2017)
Sparrow Film Project 14 Screenings, Crawl, & Gala   (released 11/14/2017)
DOC NYC 2017 Runs November 9-16   (released 11/9/2017)
New York Television Festival 2017 Winners   (released 11/4/2017)
Peele's Get Out Leads Gotham Award Nominations   (released 11/2/2017)
World Premiere of Rocksteppy at Alamo Drafthouse   (released 10/13/2017)
Broadway Comedy Club Looking for Show Producers   (released 10/12/2017)
Made In NY Talks Covering New Media This Fall   (released 10/12/2017)
#Bushwick10 Film Festival is Oct 12-15   (released 10/4/2017)
Two Degrees of Kevin Bacon with NY Coffee Festival   (released 10/3/2017)
Reel Sisters of the Diaspora Celebrating 20 Years   (released 10/3/2017)
13th Annual New York Television Festival Oct 23-28   (released 10/2/2017)
Spielberg and More at New York Film Festival 55   (released 9/26/2017)
Next NewFilmmakers NY is Thursday 27th   (released 9/26/2017)
IndieWorks Halloween Edition is October 24   (released 9/25/2017)
Berklee Comes to NYC with Power Station Renovation   (released 9/19/2017)
Lee's Crooklyn is One Film, One New York   (released 9/10/2017)
Sparrow Film Project 14 Begins September 24th   (released 8/31/2017)
Netflix Lands Letterman   (released 8/31/2017)
Central Park Conservancy Film Festival / Aug 21-26   (released 8/10/2017)
Brooklyn Comedy Film Festival Lineup Announced   (released 8/7/2017)
Monday Mixer with the Sparrow Film Project   (released 8/5/2017)
Chris Noth & Julie Klausner at North Fork TV Fest   (released 8/4/2017)
Mayor Launches "One Film, One New York"   (released 8/1/2017)
QED Now Has a Podcasting Studio   (released 7/31/2017)
First Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema   (released 7/24/2017)
Nominations Announced for Emmys, Colbert to Host   (released 7/17/2017)
6th Dominican Film Festival in New York   (released 7/13/2017)
Mondays at the Beach for Movie Night   (released 7/12/2017)
Socrates Sculpture Park July /August Wednesdays   (released 7/11/2017)
Juice 25th Anniversary Screening at Schomburg Ctr   (released 7/7/2017)
On Set with Derek Is Funny   (released 7/5/2017)
Ana Lily Amirpour at IFC screening June 22, 2017   (released 6/20/2017)
IndieWorks at Local LIC July 18   (released 6/20/2017)
Bryant Park Film Festival Runs June Thru August   (released 6/13/2017)
Cherry Pop OutCinema Part Of Pride NYC   (released 6/7/2017)
Inaugural Split Screen Festival at IFC Center   (released 6/6/2017)
NORTHSIDE BROOKLYN This Weekend   (released 6/5/2017)
Learn From a Professional Colorist Saturday   (released 5/31/2017)
STAR WARS Screening Marathon To Feel The Force   (released 5/31/2017)
Orlando Comedian Preacher Lawson on NBC Tonight   (released 5/30/2017)
7th Art of Brooklyn Film Festival Runs June 3-11   (released 5/30/2017)
Brooklyn Women's Film Festival Opening Mixer   (released 5/16/2017)
The Caan Film Festival   (released 5/16/2017)
Albanian Film Week May 26-29   (released 5/16/2017)
Tony Bennett Celebrated at Paley Center   (released 5/8/2017)
Films on the Green Begins in June   (released 5/8/2017)
Blondie will be Queen & King of the Mermaid Parade   (released 5/5/2017)
Stanley Nelson & Bill Nye Close Out Montclair Film   (released 5/4/2017)
BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn Festival Season Announced   (released 5/3/2017)
Tony Awards Nominations Announced   (released 5/2/2017)
Tribeca Talks to include Dunham and Konner   (released 3/22/2017)
Film Society Honors De Niro with Chaplin Award   (released 3/21/2017)
Julie Dash Headlines Queens World Film Festival   (released 3/7/2017)
PwC Statement Regarding Oscars Flub   (released 2/27/2017)
Leguizamo Performs Latin History for Morons   (released 2/21/2017)
Mayor Creates Made in NY Campus for Fashion & Film   (released 2/18/2017)
Academy Award Nominated Joe's Violin A Bronx Tale   (released 2/13/2017)
Women's Movement Town Hall Sunday Feb 12   (released 2/9/2017)
IndieWorks is Tonight at The Local NYC   (released 2/7/2017)
Iraq Director Hassan Cancels Miami Fest Attendance   (released 1/28/2017)
Spencer and Reynolds to get Hasty Pudding Pots   (released 1/25/2017)
89th Oscar Nominations Announced   (released 1/24/2017)
Morano and Nevins among Highlights at 2017 Athena   (released 1/13/2017)
Business of Comedy Panel at Lower Manhattan HQ   (released 1/10/2017)
Mostel and Wilder Exhibit at Jewish Film Festival   (released 1/4/2017)
Dance on Camera Festival is February 3-7   (released 1/3/2017)
Honorees Announced for Athena Film Festival 2017   (released 12/29/2016)
Original Scores announced for Oscar Eligibility   (released 12/15/2016)
Chelsea Film Festival is Now Accepting Submissions   (released 12/5/2016)
Mayor's Office Honored at Gotham Awards   (released 12/2/2016)
World AIDS Day Theme at Brooklyn Museum   (released 12/1/2016)
Critics Choice Awards Gala is December 11 on A&E   (released 12/1/2016)
Film Linc Celebrates 25 Years of Walter Reade   (released 11/22/2016)
Williamsburg Independent Film Fest has Jane Lynch   (released 11/16/2016)
Filmmakers attend The Eyes of My Mother Preview   (released 11/15/2016)
14th Annual New York Korean Film Festival   (released 11/9/2016)
CBS Honoring Garry Marshall on The Odd Couple   (released 11/7/2016)
Colbert Broadcasting Three Live Shows This Week   (released 11/7/2016)
Nelson & Demme to Receive DOC NYC Lifetime Awards   (released 11/5/2016)
Ocean's 8 is in the NYC   (released 11/5/2016)
New York Television Festival 2016 Winners   (released 10/31/2016)
ROCK is DEAD Halloween Party at Unit J   (released 10/27/2016)
Letterman Keeping Busy While Living Dangerously   (released 10/19/2016)
10th Annual KAFFNY Third Culture Cinema This Week   (released 10/17/2016)
Bushwich Film Festival Winners of 2016   (released 10/10/2016)
Casting for Netflix Spike Lee Joint   (released 10/3/2016)
2016 New York Television Festival Events Announced   (released 9/28/2016)
18 Emmys for New York Productions   (released 9/22/2016)
Paley Fest NY Tickets On Sale   (released 9/21/2016)
Harlem International Film Festival This Week   (released 9/14/2016)
2nd Annual Women's Film Series at Bronx Doc Center   (released 9/1/2016)
NYTVF Announces Script Competition Selections   (released 8/31/2016)
Nelson to Receive Lifetime Achievement Emmy   (released 8/31/2016)
Iron Mule Short Comedy Film Festival - August 17   (released 8/16/2016)
Kevin Can Wait Shooting with Live Audience on LI   (released 8/10/2016)
4th Chain Film Festival Runs Today thru 14th   (released 8/8/2016)
40th Anniversary Party of Maysles' Grey Gardens   (released 8/4/2016)
James Ivory Ushers in Howard's End at Film Forum   (released 7/29/2016)
13th Annual Animation Block Party is this Weekend   (released 7/27/2016)
DuVernay's The 13th to Open New York Film Festival   (released 7/20/2016)
#NominateNYC: Increase Diversity in the Academy   (released 7/20/2016)
Ira Sachs Retrospective Showcase at MoMA   (released 7/17/2016)
DA Pennebaker to Introduce Monterey Pop   (released 7/15/2016)
Animation Nights New York: July Edition   (released 7/13/2016)
Diverse Filmmakers Alliance at UnionDocs   (released 7/3/2016)
Sparrow Film Project Edition 13 Gala & Awards   (released 6/27/2016)
Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective Taking Applications   (released 6/26/2016)
BAMcinemaFest Brings Stars, Continues Thru Weekend   (released 6/23/2016)
2016 Brooklyn Film Festival Winners Announced   (released 6/21/2016)
IndieWorks Kicked Off Year 4 at The Local in LIC   (released 6/20/2016)
Art of Brooklyn Film Festival Winners Announced   (released 6/16/2016)
Mayor Announces Ambassadors and 50 Years of Magic   (released 6/14/2016)
IndieWorks Opens Year 4 Tonight   (released 6/14/2016)
Nitehawk Cinema presents Dark Side of Local Color   (released 6/13/2016)
Art of Brooklyn Film Fest Highlights Boro   (released 6/9/2016)
Sparrow Film Project 13 Screenings - This Weekend   (released 6/7/2016)
Brooklyn Northside Festival Celebrates Old and New   (released 6/7/2016)
Long Legs Short Films at DCTV   (released 5/30/2016)
Sparrow Film Project 13 Gala is June 16   (released 5/27/2016)
Pennebaker & Hegedus promote Unlocking the Cage   (released 5/19/2016)
Amy Heckerling live at Metrograph Retrospective   (released 5/12/2016)
29th Columbia University Film Fest is May 13-17   (released 5/11/2016)
Weiner Sneek Peek   (released 5/4/2016)
Almost Paris - Premiere at Tribeca 2016   (released 5/3/2016)
Tony Award Nominations Announced   (released 5/3/2016)
MTV's 2016 VMA's Back in NYC at the MSG   (released 5/3/2016)
NYWIFT Member Created Shorts at Anthology   (released 5/3/2016)
DAMN! Film Series concludes Spring 2016 Season   (released 4/18/2016)
QCA showing Works in Progress from Queens World   (released 4/14/2016)
Tribeca FF includes Taxi Driver Anniversary   (released 4/6/2016)
Brown Lenses Environmental Doc in Queens   (released 4/5/2016)
Sparrow Film Project Edition 13 is Underway   (released 4/1/2016)
NYTVF Holding Panel for Sketch Writers at PIT   (released 3/29/2016)
On Set of Utopian Codex with Dexter David   (released 3/29/2016)
2016 Queens World Film Festival Winners   (released 3/28/2016)
NYC Independent Film Festival Lineup Available   (released 3/24/2016)
Immigrant Documentary "Can" at City College   (released 3/22/2016)
NY Television Festival sets Development Partners   (released 3/16/2016)
Film Society at the Linc Honoring Morgan Freeman   (released 3/16/2016)
Manhattan Film Festival announces Film Lineup   (released 3/16/2016)
Indiegogo Fellowship at Made In NY Media Center   (released 3/14/2016)
45th New Directors/New Films runs March 16-27   (released 3/14/2016)
IndieWorks Testing Subject NYC Location for March   (released 3/9/2016)
Alfreda's presents Ladies Choice, Ladies Shorts   (released 3/9/2016)
New York No Limits is back March 10   (released 3/8/2016)
Sparrow Film Project adds Mixers and Education   (released 3/7/2016)
Brainwashing Doc opens with Director & Producer   (released 3/7/2016)
Menin Appointed Media & Entertainment Commissioner   (released 3/4/2016)
IRIS & WIFT Accepting Submissions for Writers Lab   (released 3/3/2016)
Made In NY Training PA's for 10 Years   (released 3/2/2016)
Panel: Nuyoricans impact on New York Film & TV   (released 3/2/2016)
Nitehawk hosts Creative Control Screening   (released 2/28/2016)
Joseph Jamal's Chapter & Verse screens at Columbia   (released 2/18/2016)
Cinema Club screening local work at Videology   (released 2/17/2016)
IndieWorks Testing Stone Creek Location   (released 2/10/2016)
The Sparrow Film Project is back with Edition 13   (released 2/5/2016)
SVA screens Billions with EP Willie Reale   (released 2/5/2016)
NYTVF holding Comedy Kick-Off with Comedy Central   (released 2/5/2016)
Witches' Brew Brings Dark Arts to BAM   (released 2/3/2016)
The Color of Comedy at the Moving Image   (released 1/26/2016)
Athena Film Festival Announces Honorees and Lineup   (released 1/24/2016)
New York WILD FF Includes Demme and Meru Docs   (released 1/17/2016)
Best of Youth Works from PRO-TV at DCTV   (released 1/12/2016)
Los Sures Highlights Greater New York at MoMA PS1   (released 1/12/2016)
Special Screening of Carol at Moving Image   (released 1/4/2016)
New York Jewish Film Festival Celebrates 25   (released 1/4/2016)
First Look Hits Fifth Year at Moving Image   (released 12/17/2015)
Columbia, NYU, SVA Represent at DGA Student Awards   (released 12/11/2015)
Allah's Field Niggas at Museum of Moving Image   (released 12/6/2015)
NewFilmmakers Runs LGBTQ Theme December 9th   (released 12/5/2015)
Seinfeld Announces Residency at Beacon Theater   (released 12/1/2015)
CongestedCat IndieWorks Farewell to Peoples Lounge   (released 11/30/2015)
6th Annual DOC NYC Award Winners Announced   (released 11/20/2015)
Rooftop Films & Lululemon present The Frame   (released 11/19/2015)
12th Big Apple Film Festival Award Winners   (released 11/13/2015)
25th Annual IFP Gotham Award Nominees   (released 11/11/2015)
11th New York Television Festival Award Winners   (released 11/9/2015)
HBO's Nevins Keynotes DOC NYC   (released 11/9/2015)
Larry Gone Demon wins Special Halloween IndieWorks   (released 11/9/2015)
NY Korean Film Festival is Nov 6-11 @ Moving Image   (released 11/4/2015)
Spectacle Theater Reaches Kickstarter Goal   (released 11/2/2015)
Big Apple Film Festival Opens with James Caan   (released 10/29/2015)
NYC Independent Film Festival Winners   (released 10/20/2015)
New York is a TV Town   (released 10/20/2015)
Stanley Nelson at Black Panther Doc Screenings   (released 10/14/2015)
6th NYC Independent Film Festival Runs Oct 12-18   (released 10/8/2015)
de Blasio and Lopez Congratulate Emmy Winners   (released 10/8/2015)
Reed Morano & Olivia Wilde at Meadowland Screening   (released 10/6/2015)
11th New York Television Festival October 19-24   (released 10/5/2015)
Billy on the Street Season 4 Begins October 8   (released 10/5/2015)
A Woman Like Me Premieres Oct 9 at Village East   (released 10/2/2015)
Brooklyn-made Wallabout opens Bushwick Film Fest   (released 9/26/2015)
Kimmel Putting the K in Brooklyn   (released 9/25/2015)
Redford Mirren to be Honored at Gotham Awards   (released 9/24/2015)
First Look at truTV's Those Who Can't at NYTVF   (released 9/22/2015)
IFP Honoring Todd Haynes at Gotham Awards   (released 9/12/2015)
Launch Party for 668 Productions in Brooklyn   (released 9/7/2015)
Five Star Screening with Director Keith Miller   (released 9/5/2015)
Vimeo Showing How to Sell Your Film Online   (released 9/5/2015)
First Latino Short FF in East Harlem on Sept 19   (released 8/26/2015)
Best Night Ever with NPH Begins Taping September 9   (released 8/26/2015)
Late Show with Colbert Announces First Week Guests   (released 8/25/2015)
Colin Quinn: Unconstitutional Streaming on Netflix   (released 8/18/2015)
NY Mental Health Film Festival Brings Awareness   (released 8/18/2015)
Movies Under The Stars Expands to More NYC Parks   (released 8/13/2015)
Made in NY Media Center Offering Fellowships   (released 8/12/2015)
Moss & Perry to Attend Queen of Earth Screening   (released 8/12/2015)
Fort Tilden Screenings at IFC Center   (released 8/11/2015)
53rd New York Film Festival Sept 25-Oct 11   (released 8/10/2015)
Popcornflix Adds Serials and Docs to Library   (released 8/3/2015)
Borscht Corporation Cooking Up New Film Flavors   (released 8/1/2015)
French Films on the Green   (released 7/21/2015)
A+E Networks Accepts Scripted/Unscripted Concepts   (released 7/21/2015)
HBO Picks Up Second Season of Ballers   (released 7/17/2015)
Videology Screens Northside Festival Film Winners   (released 7/14/2015)
Production Design Masterclass: Michael Shaw   (released 7/13/2015)
Amy Schumer's Trainwreck Premiere @ Lincoln Center   (released 7/10/2015)
30 Rock Renamed Comcast; Adds NBC Peacocks   (released 7/8/2015)
Next IndieWorks Screening is July 8 at Peoples   (released 7/6/2015)
Free Summer Movies with NYC Parks   (released 6/26/2015)
Life Light Street Productions Screens Youth Doc   (released 6/24/2015)
ABFF Brought Star Power to Midtown Manhattan   (released 6/23/2015)
Indiegogo Take Your Crowdfunding to the Next Level   (released 6/22/2015)
Sparrow Film Project 12 Gala Puts on the Ritz   (released 6/21/2015)
American Black Film Festival Shines June 11-14   (released 6/9/2015)
Film, Innovation and Music occupy the Northside   (released 6/8/2015)
Stars of Astoria gather for Sparrow 12 Gala   (released 6/8/2015)
IndieWorks starts Year 3 on June 10th   (released 6/2/2015)
Brooklyn Film Festival Illuminates May 29-June 7   (released 5/28/2015)
NYTVF Independent Pilot Competition Taking Entries   (released 5/24/2015)
Sparrow Film Project 12 Screening Weekend   (released 5/22/2015)
Special Guests for Iris at Maysles Doc Center   (released 5/19/2015)
Final Three Shows - Late Show with David Letterman   (released 5/18/2015)
On set of The Life of Death with Round Seven Films   (released 5/17/2015)
4th People's Film Festival is May 28-31 in Harlem   (released 5/11/2015)
28th Columbia University Film Fest Runs May 1-7   (released 4/30/2015)
Montclair Ramps Up 4th Annual Film Festival   (released 4/30/2015)
Understudies Premieres & Announces Series Launch   (released 4/28/2015)
Record 53 Entries for Sparrow Film Project 12   (released 4/21/2015)
Stewart Announces His Last Daily Show   (released 4/21/2015)
Live From New York Director Producers Discuss Film   (released 4/18/2015)
2nd Annual IndieWorks Best of Fest is April 8   (released 4/5/2015)
Trevor Noah named new host of The Daily Show   (released 3/30/2015)
DOC NYC & IDA hold Documentary Preservation Summit   (released 3/27/2015)
Brooklyn Girl FF Showcases Films Made by Women   (released 3/22/2015)
Marquardt's She's Lost Control Screens in New York   (released 3/15/2015)
Streisand Presenting Chaplin Award to Redford   (released 3/13/2015)
Celebrate Monty Python 40th Anniversary at Tribeca   (released 3/13/2015)
Albert Maysles' In Transit selected for Tribeca   (released 3/4/2015)
Hertzfeldt World of Tomorrow opens Queens World FF   (released 3/3/2015)
Spike Lee promoting Da Sweet Blood of Jesus   (released 2/18/2015)
Love 40 Seasons of SNL? There's an app for that!   (released 2/13/2015)
DAMN Film Series Pops at Midtown Theater Lab   (released 2/11/2015)
NYU News & Doc Film Festival is This Weekend   (released 2/5/2015)
Milk Run Premieres Friday at Videology   (released 1/24/2015)
Jodie Foster Highlights Athena Film Festival   (released 1/23/2015)
Made In NY Award: Jane Raab   (released 12/31/2014)
Made In NY Award: Stanley Nelson   (released 12/30/2014)
Made In NY Award: Louis CK   (released 12/26/2014)
Tomorrow's Just a Future Yesterday for Ferguson   (released 12/19/2014)
Made In NY Award: Steve Buscemi   (released 12/17/2014)
CBS Names Late Late Show with James Corden Team   (released 12/15/2014)
Made In NY Awards Honor City's Best   (released 12/11/2014)
2nd Annual Nitehawk Shorts Festival   (released 11/19/2014)
Monday Local Filmmaker Showcase at Videology   (released 11/10/2014)
New York TV Festival 2014 Award Winners   (released 11/6/2014)
Bronx Intl Film Festival runs Nov 7-9 at Lehman   (released 11/5/2014)
Actress Brandy Burre at Munroe Film Center   (released 11/3/2014)
NYTVF: Starz presents Inside Look at The Chair   (released 10/28/2014)
John Mulaney talked about his Fox show at NYTVF   (released 10/27/2014)
History Will Reflect George Carlin's Way   (released 10/23/2014)
CMJ Music Marathon Gets Fresh with YouTube   (released 10/19/2014)
George Clinton Revisits 20 Years since Cosmic Slop   (released 10/13/2014)
John Zorn curates Japan Society Cinema Collection   (released 10/13/2014)
New York Television Festival Celebrates 10 Years   (released 10/9/2014)
Bushwick Film Festival Offers Broad Lineup Oct 2-5   (released 10/2/2014)
De Niro is Friars Club Entertainment Icon   (released 9/25/2014)
New York on Location Event on Sunday   (released 9/18/2014)
Warner Bros. 20 years Friends Celebration   (released 9/10/2014)
Can We Talk? about Joan Rivers   (released 9/6/2014)
James Foley Fundraiser: Screening of First to Fall   (released 8/31/2014)
IndieWorks at People's Lounge on Allen Street   (released 8/31/2014)
Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective Accepting Apps   (released 8/17/2014)
BAFTA Rocliffe Comedy Writers Selected for NYTVF   (released 8/13/2014)
IndieWorks promotes Local Film Community   (released 8/12/2014)
NYFF Looking for Aspiring Film Critics   (released 8/7/2014)
Central Park Conservancy Film Fest: August 18-22   (released 7/30/2014)
Moonstruck Teaser Opens Met's Summer HD Festival   (released 7/30/2014)
NewFilmmakers Highlights Digital Film Academy   (released 7/25/2014)
Free Outdoor Screening of Changing Face of Harlem   (released 7/17/2014)
Kickstarter Film Fest at Ft Greene Park on Friday   (released 7/15/2014)
New Yorkers Dominant in NYTVF / A&E Contest   (released 7/13/2014)
New York Productions Tally 107 Emmy Nominations   (released 7/11/2014)
HBO's Project Greenlight Is Back   (released 7/11/2014)
Shefelman Looking for the Jackalope   (released 7/2/2014)
Bicycle Film Festival Runs through the Weekend   (released 6/25/2014)
NYTVF History Unscripted Finalists Announced   (released 6/23/2014)
Tribeca and AT&T present Film For All   (released 6/19/2014)
Brian William's Anaconda Don't Want None Unless...   (released 6/17/2014)
Walking Fool Documentary in Production   (released 6/16/2014)
Entertainment Industry Talks Pride   (released 6/13/2014)
Sparrow Film Project 11 Winners and Gala   (released 6/13/2014)
"Do The Right Thing" Along with Spike Lee   (released 6/12/2014)
Pier 1 Brooklyn Bridge Park Ode to Les Blank   (released 6/11/2014)
Steve Buscemi and a Park Bench   (released 6/11/2014)
Apollo Theater 80th Birthday Celebration   (released 5/21/2014)
ABC Casting Department's Talent Showcase   (released 5/21/2014)
11th Sparrow Film Project June 5, 2014 Gala   (released 5/14/2014)
TV Tuesday Discusses Post Production   (released 5/12/2014)
Brown Lenses Happy in Burundi Video   (released 5/8/2014)
Modine's Full Metal Jacket Diary Gets Funded   (released 5/2/2014)
James Franco Q&A at Palo Alto Screenings   (released 5/2/2014)
11th Sparrow Film Project Planning Gala   (released 4/30/2014)
Learn Crowdfunding Campaigns from Indiegogo Free   (released 4/30/2014)
Cynthia Lopez Named New Commissioner   (released 4/30/2014)
Leslie Moonves & Nina Tassler's future "Late Show"   (released 4/10/2014)
David Letterman Announces Retirement   (released 4/3/2014)
IndieWorks Presents Best of Fest on April 3rd   (released 4/1/2014)
NewFilmmakers April 2 @ Anthology   (released 3/31/2014)
TV Tuesdays will Focus on Comedy Development   (released 3/27/2014)
4th Annual New Voices in Black Cinema this Weekend   (released 3/26/2014)
Film Tax Credit Open for Public Comment   (released 3/13/2014)
Kevin Spacey Honored By The Museum of Moving Image   (released 3/10/2014)
Documentary Editors Share Process @ Free Panel   (released 3/10/2014)
Queens World Film Festival Opens March 4   (released 2/27/2014)
Historic Brooklyn Coney Island Film Festival   (released 2/10/2014)
Discuss Trends in TV with Agents Tuesday Night   (released 2/5/2014)
December 12,Lincoln Center celebrates Ozu in color   (released 12/11/2013)
New York Television Festival Award Winners   (released 11/16/2013)
British Writers Get American Feedback NYTVF 2013   (released 11/7/2013)
Film Biz a Seductive Whore and More   (released 11/4/2013)
Eco-Expo for Film and Television November 5, 2013   (released 10/30/2013)
Pearl Jam Week on Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon   (released 10/18/2013)
Big Apple Film Festival Honors Cuba Gooding Jr   (released 10/17/2013)
DOCS AS NEWS Panel Nov 15 @DOC NYC Festival   (released 10/16/2013)
Empire Drive-In: Art and Cinema Repurposed   (released 10/15/2013)
Alda Leads off Iconic Characters of Comedy   (released 10/9/2013)
Bronx Filmmakers Celebrate 1 Year Anniversary   (released 9/30/2013)
Bushwick Film Festival Reaches Community Oct 3-6   (released 9/25/2013)
Gibney Juxtaposes Wealth & Poverty of Park Avenue   (released 9/24/2013)
Made in NY Minute on CBS Radio   (released 9/19/2013)
Harlem Fest Commemorates, Celebrates & Gets Syria   (released 9/11/2013)
PaleyFest:Made in NY PA Training Program Panel   (released 9/11/2013)
PaleyFest: Made in NY Celebrates NY Media Work   (released 9/4/2013)
Sex + Mark Ruffalo Benefit NY Stage and Film   (released 9/4/2013)
NBC Universal Pictures' Writers Fellowship   (released 8/30/2013)
IndieWorks Screening Night Is the Cat's Meow   (released 8/29/2013)
AbelCine Documentary Grant Helps Tell Your Story   (released 8/23/2013)
FOX-NYTVF Comedy Script Contest Finalists   (released 8/23/2013)
NBC Universal Screening Short Cuts Semi-Finalists   (released 8/20/2013)
"The Butler" Director Lee Daniels Speaks Tonight   (released 8/15/2013)
Paley Media Center 5k Grant for Unfinished Docs   (released 8/15/2013)
The Big Screen Runs Throughout August in Brooklyn   (released 8/8/2013)
Critics Academy Now Accepting Applications   (released 8/2/2013)
Lifetime Unscripted Development Pipeline   (released 7/31/2013)
Meet the Breaking Bad Cast Members Monday Night   (released 7/28/2013)
Notable Filmmakers Discuss NY Process August 13th   (released 7/28/2013)
BANGS Discusses Video Production   (released 7/28/2013)
Free Filmmaker Workshops @ Brooklyn Girl Film Fest   (released 3/27/2013)
An Academy Conversation w/ Danny Boyle In NY   (released 3/25/2013)
Made in NY: Technical Careers in Television   (released 3/12/2013)
"Character" Development Discussion March 12th   (released 3/4/2013)
Comedy Central Development Deal Opportunity   (released 2/13/2013)
NBC Drama Challenge Call For Entries   (released 2/13/2013)
New York Television Festival Monthly Series 2013   (released 1/28/2013)
Cuomo to Continue to Invest in Film and Television   (released 1/23/2013)
Barbara Streisand to be honored at Chaplin Gala   (released 1/22/2013)
National TV Talk Show needs you   (released 11/29/2012)
Reality show Open Call Culinary Innovators   (released 10/2/2012)
Jeremy Kyle audience members needed   (released 9/28/2012)
Ang Lee to Open 50th NYFF   (released 9/25/2012)
Learn how to make TV in NY from CBS professionals   (released 9/13/2012)
Deadline for Nicholl Fellowships is May 1st   (released 4/4/2012)
SNL Writers Discussion at Paley Center   (released 9/25/2011)
Primetime TV Audition Workshop at TVI Studios   (released 9/25/2011)
Ann Curry Moderates Doc Film Q&A at Paley   (released 9/24/2011)
Manhattan Shorts at Tompkins Square Park   (released 9/17/2011)
Tippi Hedren Coming to Theatre in Long Island   (released 3/30/2011)
First Ever NY Fashion Film Festival is Tuesday   (released 3/26/2011)
Angela Lansbury will be at SVA Theatre   (released 3/25/2011)
Casting Male Comics to host Late Night Spike TV   (released 3/9/2010)
Gran Torino Q&A with Actors Tonight   (released 7/16/2009)
Bryant Park Monday Night Movies   (released 7/16/2009)
Indie Film Night Manhattan   (released 7/14/2009)
ABC New Mark Burnett Show Shark Tank Open Call   (released 6/2/2009)
Walking Tours of NY Film and TV   (released 6/1/2009)
21st Annual NewFest runs June 4-11 in Chelsea   (released 5/25/2009)
N.Y. Surf Film Festival Creativity Forecasted   (released 2/10/2009)
This Sunday Award Show presents new Statuette   (released 1/8/2009)
The Art and Design of "Ugly Betty" a free panel   (released 1/6/2009)
N.Y. residents You can be a Production Assistant   (released 1/6/2009)
Sesame Street Behind the Scenes   (released 10/22/2008)
Intern for the Mayor's Office   (released 9/12/2008)
Allstate Announces 3 Be Reel Finalists at ABFF   (released 8/5/2008)
NAMIC Accepting Entries for Writers Workshop   (released 8/1/2008)
2 Screenings on the Lawns of Brooklyn   (released 7/29/2008)
The Gong Show Resurrected   (released 7/17/2008)
August's Hartnett to Ring Closing Bell on Friday   (released 7/8/2008)
More Asian Film in NYC with 31st Annual Festival   (released 7/8/2008)
Love it or Hate it, New York Asian FF is Here   (released 6/18/2008)
Museum of the Moving Image Launches New Site   (released 6/18/2008)
NYC Horror Fest Holding Screening Friday   (released 6/10/2008)
Celebrity Panel to Judge I Love NY Competition   (released 6/3/2008)
Bryant Park Summer Film Festival Begins June 16   (released 5/22/2008)
BET Partners with Urbanworld Film Festival   (released 5/21/2008)
Open Call for Gong Show Hosted by Dave Attell   (released 5/20/2008)
Crown Media Renews Agreement with Cablevision   (released 5/6/2008)
Editors of Juno to Discuss Latest Work @ Apple   (released 4/30/2008)
Filmmaker Talks for Tribeca at Apple Store   (released 4/30/2008)
Actors and Producers Begin Talks   (released 4/15/2008)
Disney Pixar Announce Slate of Animations   (released 4/9/2008)
Van Peebles First Film in 8 Years at Tribeca   (released 4/8/2008)
NY Latino Film Film Fest Open Call   (released 4/7/2008)
Panel on Alternative Film Financing at Anthology   (released 4/7/2008)
Lionsgate Acquires NA Rights to HIT Library   (released 3/25/2008)
Panel on Women in Entertainment This Saturday   (released 3/25/2008)
Sorpresa and Hamptons Partner For Youth Film   (released 3/20/2008)
Doc to Coincide with Women's History Month   (released 3/13/2008)
ReelzChannel Launches in New York, New Jersey   (released 3/12/2008)
Baby Mama To Open Tribeca Film Festival   (released 3/7/2008)
NBC Inks Deal with Comcast to Carry mun2   (released 3/4/2008)
Notable Directors Sign to Fear Itself Anthology   (released 3/4/2008)
Focus Announces Next Coen Release Date   (released 3/4/2008)
Phil Donahue Doc Screens in NY, Miami, SXSW   (released 2/29/2008)
Rooftop Films Accepting Films for 2008 Series   (released 2/27/2008)
Nickelodeon to Make Live-Action Dora the Explorer   (released 2/19/2008)
IAM at Tribeca Arts Center   (released 2/19/2008)
China Club Kick Off Party for Festival 2.28.08   (released 2/18/2008)
Earthship Movie @ MoMa N.Y. February 14th, 2008   (released 2/13/2008)
Magnet Picks Up Cocaine Cowboys 2   (released 2/13/2008)
Brooklyn Navy Yard wants to evolve as Media Campus   (released 2/12/2008)
NBC Orders Top Gear Pilot From BBC   (released 1/16/2008)
Axium Abruptly Closes Doors   (released 1/8/2008)
United Artists Strike Deal with Writers Guild   (released 1/8/2008)
Software Company Premieres Doc on Security   (released 1/8/2008)
Studio Center Total Production Acquires Tonic   (released 1/7/2008)
Loco Dawn Premieres Origami Deathmatch   (released 12/20/2007)
AFI Awards 2007 Selections Announced   (released 12/17/2007)
Jackass 2.5 First Studio Backed Web Release   (released 12/17/2007)
BFCA Announces Critics Choice Award Nominees   (released 12/12/2007)
"Rescue Me" cast to attend Book Signing Tonight   (released 12/6/2007)
DGA Honors Minority and Women Student Filmmakers   (released 12/2/2007)
IFP Announces Gotham Award Winners   (released 11/28/2007)
NewFilmmakers Welcomes Staten Island Filmmakers   (released 11/23/2007)
Humanitarian, Public and Community Service Emmys   (released 11/16/2007)
Writers on Second Week of Strike   (released 11/12/2007)
Tribeca Early Film Submission Deadline Nears   (released 11/8/2007)
WGA Writers Strike in New York   (released 11/5/2007)
Letterman Writers Hold Panel   (released 11/2/2007)
Writers and Producers Talks Going Nowhere   (released 10/24/2007)
PSA Emmys to be Awarded November 9th   (released 10/24/2007)
Writers' Strike Authorized by Members   (released 10/20/2007)
Jimmy Kimmel Live Morning and Night   (released 10/19/2007)
Mayor's Office Providing Paths into the Industry   (released 10/10/2007)
THINKFilm Teaming with Silverwood/Hunting Lane   (released 10/9/2007)
WGA Membership Asked for Strike Authorization   (released 10/5/2007)
WB and Weinstein to Distribute Imagi Animations   (released 9/28/2007)
Coney Island Film Fest   (released 9/12/2007)
Spike & TNA Extend Contract and Timeslot   (released 9/10/2007)
Killer's Then She Found Me Acquired by THINKFilm   (released 9/10/2007)
Sorpresa Partners with Hamptons on Youth Program   (released 8/17/2007)
Weinstein Launches Asian Film Fund   (released 8/8/2007)
NickToons Animation Festival All This Month   (released 8/8/2007)
'Shifting the Canvas' Signs Scott Thompson   (released 8/2/2007)