Alda Leads off Iconic Characters of Comedy

(released 10/9/2013)

The Museum of the Moving Images has created an ongoing series "Iconic Characters of Comedy" that is set to begin October 15, 2013 featuring "The Rationalist: Alan Alda as Hawkeye Pierce in M*A*S*H."  The conversation with Alan Alda will begin at 7:00p.m. and will be moderated by Jeff Greenfield.

The "Iconic Characters of Comedy" series is being put on in part by the Comedy Hall of Fame. The series poses the thought that we allow characters into our lives through the shows we watch. Some characters match our ideology while others may possess qualities, values, and thoughts foreign to our own views. Does the character then become a catalyst for social change? Do characters face obstacles and conquer what is not familiar in our current state, therefore allowing us to remain safe while charting new territory?  The character's achievement can become translated to a personal victory for having watched the journey. This translation makes the character iconic with viewers.

The series will analyze Alda's role as the first anti-establishment lead character on the first anti-war program delivered through the medium of television. In addition to acting for the popular television show, Alda actively, wrote and directed episodes. He was awarded with Emmy nominations and wins for his work. The contribution Alda made to the show and the evolving society's conversation during this time period will also be discussed.

Pre sale tickets for the evening's conversation went quickly as the current status for tickets is sold out. The standby line will be first come first serve starting after 6:00p.m. the night of the presentation if seats become available. The event will be at the Museum of the Moving Image located at 36-01 35th Avenue, Astoria.


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