Film Biz a Seductive Whore and More

(released 11/4/2013)

Did you ever have a vision for a story you wanted to tell only to be slapped with the reality that the art of film is a lot more business than you anticipated?

The documentary film Seduced and Abandoned takes you through the journey of cinema's dance between art and business from the perspective of modern day moguls, actors and executives at the 2012 Cannes Film festival.

The Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria Queens will screen the feature length film on November 13, 2013.

Director James Toback and actor Alec Baldwin set out to make a homage to The Last Tango in Paris set in contemporary Tikrit. Pitching the title "Last Tango in Tikrit" without a completed script, the director and presumed lead actor arrive at the festival ready to find the financial backing to see their vision to completion.

Toback decided to film all aspects of the festival wrangling, documenting as the two gathered momentum.

The end result is an ode to the realities of movie making. HBO backed the documentary feature and quoted Baldwin as saying, "The movie business is the worst lover you've ever had in the sense that you are seduced and abandoned over and over again."

Director James Toback and Alec Baldwin will be present for the 7:00p.m.  November 13, 2013 screening.  For more information on the event as well as the "Three by James Toback" series happening November 10-13, 2013, go to the Museum for Moving Image website:

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