NewFilmmakers April 2 @ Anthology

(released 3/31/2014)

NewFilmmakers run a weekly series that sets out to allow fresh filmmakers to have their film presented before a New York audience.  Anthology Film Archives located at 32 Second Ave © 2nd Street is where screenings take place. Admission for the whole evening is $6. published this line up for April 2 screenings at the Courthouse Theatre at Anthology:

6:00 PM Documentary Series

Zijian Mu ONE CHILD (2013, 40 minutes)
The 2008 Sichuan earthquake,China's deadliest disaster in three decades, killed 90,000 people, including thousands of children. For the majority of families in China, losing one child means losing their only child. One Child follows the journey of three families, all from the devastated city of Beichuan, as they struggle to move past their loss and long for normalcy.

7:00 PM Short Film Program

Alex Lombard SOPHIE (2013, 14 minutes)

Nia Imani AUTUMN LEAVES (2013, 7 minutes)
A man struggles with the desire to kill the man who raped his mother versus wanting to do right by God, so he goes to confess.

Okke Rutte IN MOTION (2013, 18 minutes)
Jeff is at a pivotal point of his life and turns to Andrea, a former love, for comfort. Their encounter leaves him unsure of how to resume life and his reality starts to spiral out of control.

Gregory Michael Baney SPREADING THIN (2014, 20 minutes)
Darryl is a premiere killer-for-hire who's haunted by the pressures of his work. After a fatal misstep on New Years Eve brands Darryl a liability, his boss, Victor, decides to end Darryl's contract.

8:15 PM Feature Presentation

Tjardus Greidanus A NEW YORK HEARTBEAT (2013, 94 minutes)
Spider, a 17-year-old gang leader, gets in way over his head when he robs a notorious gangster. On the run, he’s taken in by a sheltered young woman and her reclusive uncle, a legendary mobster gunned down by the same gangster now pursuing Spider.

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