Steve Buscemi and a Park Bench

(released 6/11/2014)

Steve Buscemi photo

Olive Productions and Radical Media present AOL Original "Park Bench" a new Talk~ing show hosted by Steve Buscemi.

Steve Buscemi has decided the talk~ing show has not been done and he is the guy to make such a show. When a room full of friends belly up to the bar and a well intended brother of Buscemi happens to believe the idea for the show was merely in the air, the conversation and chaos ensue.

The episodes are 10-12 minutes on average and show you an intimate conversation with actors, politicians, musicians, and comedians on park benches throughout the city of New York. Episode 1 featured writer/actress Rosie Perez and episode 8 gives us a moment inside Mayor diBlasio's work day thought process.

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