Walking Fool Documentary in Production

(released 6/16/2014)

Mark E. Phillips - Walking Fool photo

The Walking Fool is a documentary about Mark E. Phillips and his journey across the United States on foot. Phillips has an awareness of a collective dependence on cars. The 100 plus hours of footage captured by Phillips along his endevour will be condensed to tell a story, explore the characters surrounding his adventure, and document a human experience.

Phillips has been to film school, taken the stage as a comedian, and had a show on Public Access. Entertaining is in his skill set and the cross country feat adds a contextual layer for this seasoned performer that challenges beyond his familiar audience relationship to one that is personal.

"There are no sidewalks." said Phillips when reflecting on his trip into the car-centric land that is America.

The film is in production throughout this summer 2014 gathering interviews from family and friends as well as others who have made a go at walking the distance. Producer John Maslowski says they will launching an indiegogo campaign for finishing funds and plan to be complete in 2015.

Keep up to date with the production here:
@WalkingFoolDoc on twitter

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