Shefelman Looking for the Jackalope

(released 7/2/2014)

photo of a jackalope

Karl Shefelman, a New York-based storyboard artist, has made a career drawing the visions of directors including Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, Jonathan Demme, and Ridley Scott.  Shefelman is now getting to share what he sees.  He has written and will be directing his first feature film Looking for the Jackalope, tagged as "a cautionary tale of nostalgia."

Production is set for July 20th in Ohio at Kenyon College, Shefelman's alma mater. Fellow alum Susan Chrysler will be Producer and liaison between the Kenyon College campus and the film. This project will allow students to participate in production and gain hands-on work experience on a feature film shoot. Matt Starr will also serve as Producer for the film. Dan Parsons brings his Los Angeles shooting skill and his native Ohio focus to the picture as Director of Photography. Bruce Jacklin, a 35 year veteran of visual arts, is the Production Designer and Aaron Mooreland is charged as Casting Director.

The story is of a New York novel writer going back to his twenty year reunion on a romantic desire to rekindle with a girlfriend. The journey back to her is one that leads the main character Jordan to realize that he's living in the past and must start to live in the present.

Michael Leydon Campbell, lead actor, plays Jordan the guy looking for his reunion. Campbell is recognizable from TV series parts on Law and Order, Boston Legal, West Wing and work with filmmaker Ed Burns in Angela's Ashes and Sidewalks of New York. Melissa Hampton, the lead actress, is known for her presence in NY independent film in front of the lens and with her work in Women in Film, artist in residence at MIT, and community outreach. Mary Testa plays Jordan's Literary agent "Barb".  Testa is a two-time Tony Award nominee and has numerous TV credits.

Karl Shefelman's screenwriting talent has been recognized by the Academy as a semifinalist in the Nicholl Fellowship.  Shefelman's short film work translated to sales, proving his products have a place in the market.  Even for a guy who has made a solid career out of storyboarding for our times' greatest filmmakers, there are stories Karl Shefelman has to tell.

You can follow Karl's progress on

Below is the video introducing the key crew personnel for their IndieGoGo campaign, which was successfully funded.

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