IndieWorks promotes Local Film Community

(released 8/12/2014)

"Discover shorts, Find an audience & Build the local film community!" is the message out of IndieWorks, currently run by New York based production company CongestedCat Productions, LLC.

Hosted by Lauren A. Kennedy and Tony Curtis, the monthly film series has a season that started in June. This Wednesday night August 14, 2014 at the People's Lounge (163 Allen Street), doors open at 6:30 and screenings begin at 7:30 with a two hour running time "roughly".

Free to enter if you're 18 and older with 21 and older two drink minimum encouraged for the sake of the establishment, but not enforced. The shorts appearing on the 6 foot stage front screen and also the back of lounge 55 inch screen are:

August Heat (10:20)
Directed by Matthew Thompson

Multiverse (8:40)
Directed by Michael DiBiasio

Money Box (5:00)
Directed by Muzappar Osman

*Intermission and Q&A with 1st Set of Filmmakers

Protestors (9:55)
Directed by Marty Lang

Downtown (3:00)
Directed by Jaclyn Gramigna

Schlock Fish (6:55)
Directed by Esteban Uribe

Directions and more info on Congested Cat Productions go here:

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