IndieWorks at People's Lounge on Allen Street

(released 8/31/2014)

IndieWorks is a series of screening shorts. The People's Lounge at 163 Allen Street is the host venue for approximately two hours of film projecting. Networking and creating a community of local filmmakers is the ultimate goal of the gathering.

The doors open at 6:30p.m. and screenings begin at 7:30p.m. The September 17, 2014 theme is "Web Series" and the night's line-up (order subject to change) follows:

Docket 32357 (14:05)
Created by Randy Wilkins

NYC Raw (8:48)
Episode 2
Created by Aaron Lehmann

Anthology (4:50)
Episode 3
Created by Ashley Denise

Henry (6:50)
Created by Alain Alfaro

Just Sayin' (4:42)
Episode 1
Created by Samantha Slater, Alexandra Clayton & Kate Hoffman

*Intermission and Q&A with 1st Set of Filmmakers

No Method (17:30)
Episode 2
Created by Caitlin Graham

Stay at Home (10:25)
Episode 2
Created by Ben Jaeger-Thomas & Liam Billingham

8 for Vegas (8:50)
Created by John Painz

Hey Yun (8:15)
Episode 1
Created by Hye Yun Park

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