2nd Annual Nitehawk Shorts Festival

(released 11/19/2014)

The Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg is holding its second annual Nitehawk Shorts Festival beginning this evening and running through Sunday.  Tonight's opening night event is sold out.  At the time of this writing, there are tickets available for all the other screenings.

Thursday evening at 7:30pm, it is Aldo Tambellini night.  There will be a live performance by Alyse Lamb to accompany the experimental works of Tambellini.  On Friday evening, there is a Midnite program and it is comprised of films they deem better watched after dark.  Screenings continue on Saturday and Sunday at 11:45am each day.

There are a couple production sponsors of the festival and one filmmaker will be awarded a sound design and/or mix package from Heard City as well as a color grading package from Nice Shoes.

Here are the films with New Yorkers highlighted.  Tickets can be purchased at the door or through the website: www.nitehawkcinema.com

Efrén Hernández - Master Muscles (14 minutes)
Dean Peterson - Ving Rhames (9 minutes)
Sam Cullman and Benjamin Rosen - Black Cherokee (20 minutes)
Trinity Andersson and Barry Andersson - Me & Ewe (7 minutes)
Elizabeth Chatelain - Jenny and Steph (9 minutes)
Mickey Duzyj and Jeremy Johnstone - The Perfect 18 (7 minutes)
Paolo Bitanga - Mang Abe’s Ube (The Farmer and the Glowing Green Shell) (15 minutes)

Darren Banks - Interiors (ALT Ending) (10 minutes)
Peter McCoubrey and Luke McCoubrey - The Grey Matter (18 minutes)
Andrea McGinty - McDreamy (2 minutes)
Claire Ensslin - Pedestrian (7 minutes)
Ben Aston - He Took His Skin Off For Me (11 minutes)
David Cronenberg - The Nest (9 minutes)
Rick Niebe - Study for Interior with Figures and Sounds (4 minutes)
Jesse Burks - One Please (6 minutes)
Bonnie Black - Brute (15 minutes)
Ben Steiner - The Stomach (15 minutes)

Marcel Simoneau - Le Village (22 minutes)
Roy Germano - A Mexican Sound (13 minutes)
Theodore Collatos - Time (7 minutes)
Marisa Tontaveetong, Shir Wen Sun, Tamarind King, and Yu Ueda - Starlight (4 minutes)
Nathaniel Lindsay - Green Eyed (15 minutes)
Mike Fernandez - i found a bird (8 minutes)
Lindsey Lambert - Lost in Prospect Park (5 minutes)
Bill Morrison - All Vows (10 minutes)
Saul Abraham and Josh Feder - Baby (15 minutes)
Peter Vack - SEND (8 minutes)

Dan Canyon and Leo Marks - Cuckoo (8 minutes)
Connor Hurley - The Naturalist (12 minutes)
Christopher Hawthorne - Bender (18 minutes)
Josh Lopata - Fade (9 minutes)
Talia Alberts - re: Jess (15 minutes)
Joe Kowalski and Zoe Logan - Minor Monuments (3 minutes)
Nerina Penzhorn - A Day in the Sun (13 minutes)
Jacob LaMendola - Stoney (15 minutes)
Joe Petrilla - reConception (12 minutes)

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