Can We Talk? about Joan Rivers

(released 9/6/2014)

Joan Rivers at The Today Show for Halloween 2007
Joan Rivers at The Today Show - October 31, 2007

The media held tight to the wires for any signs of life. Melissa Rivers made statements as the final days of Joan River's curtain called. You know she was nominated for a Tony award right?  "Can we Talk?" is a throwback for those born pre-tweets. Rivers had a twitter handle, a multi-million dollar business brand, a royally dressed townhome on the Upper East Side, a knack for style, and a mouth. Thank you for that mouth. If you could get past appearances, which Joan could not, and just listen to the words coming out of her mouth, you would feel a strong, sharp-minded, determined voice that was speaking for many, not just herself to hear.

As a girl, I watched her stand-up, her Carson appearances, when Edgar killed himself and Melissa and Joan made that movie. I watched with respect. Losing Joan is personal. How could that bitch die and leave the rest of us yearning to look that fantastic at 81? You witch! I get your master plan now.

Style was the icing on Joan's cake. The showmanship, sparkle, and pop of Joan's style allowed her to be an honest eye in the Hollywood sky.

Fear not the truth from Joan for she really wants to help you look classy. River's inspection detail has kept a Hollywood standard alive. Joan represented an order to things in Hollywood.

Businesswoman Joan died with E! Entertainment holding production, QVC holding her appearance dates, and comedy club stages promoting her act. Thanks for the kick in the teeth Joan! Now, I have to be beautiful and a business mogul. The funny woman is greatly documented. The business woman is not.  QVC President and CEO Mike George shares a glimpse of the entertaining businesswoman who connected with her loyal customer base. It appeared Businesswoman Rivers found in QVC a theater, television production studio, and improvisational workshop for her entertaining talent and great style all while morphing over 24 years into a business brand.

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