Monday Local Filmmaker Showcase at Videology

(released 11/10/2014)

Videology presents a local filmmaker showcase every Monday evening.  Tonight's fare consists of two sets.  The first set is composed of shorts and music videos and starts at 8:00pm.  The second showing is the feature Annunciation by Ben Hozie beginning at 9:30pm with a running time of 71 minutes.  All the screenings are free.

Here is a list of shorts and music videos that will screen at 8pm tonight.

Kaleidoscope by Dania Bdeir
Imaginative boy follows his father into the streets of a very real Beirut.

I'm About by Dania Bdeir
Live installation by interactive designer Yu-Ting Feng in which dancer Jay Donn's movements create the effects seen making the transparent screen in front of him a giant canvas and his body the brush.  Music by rapper Rayza from Supervillian Records.

Suburban Porcelain by Steve Rickinson
In the aftermath of tragedy, one suburban family turns to faith and fate to become whole once again.

Spam by Philip Maniaci
What would happen if you didn't forward email chain letters?

Mr. Lamb by Jean Geraldine Pesce
A dark comedy about a lonely waitress who is in love with her penpal, a convicted murderer.

Sweet Gum by Zack Williams
A lonely sack sees a reminder of his past and ends up as the chosen one on the set of a game show. (animated)

Hungergames by Zack Williams
A young man sees his past, present, and future demise through a hole in the wall. Music video for band Death Grips.

Videology is a Williamsburg bar with a theater in the back room.  It is located at 308 Bedford Avenue on the corner of South 1st Street.  Check out more on their website -

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