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Producer Gillian Todd of Round Seven Films on the set of The Life of Death - April 29, 2015
On set of The Life of Death with Round Seven Films

(released 5/17/2015)

Round Seven Films is a creative producing team that focuses on three major stages of production.  Writing and development of a story, preparing the story for market, and producing the project for market. The team may help in one phase or all three.

Three individuals lead at Round Seven. Marco Shalma is Founder of Round Seven, as well as creative producer. He pulls the filmmaking trifecta of key positions by being a writer, director, and producer. They call him the maker of movies. Gillian Todd, Co-founder, has an acting foundation and keeps keen attention to story and lens. Their Partner, Brian Hillman, is one of the leading writers at Round Seven. He has been collaborating on projects with Marco since 2009.

The producing team currently has five in-house writers. Projects may originate in-house, while others come from outside productions resourcing the team to get to the next stage in their craft.

The Life of Death is a current project Round Seven is working on in conjunction with Papaya Films. Papaya Films is based in Poland and was recognized for an outstanding pitch for crowd funding.  Part of the film is established in Poland, while Round Seven is to manage the New York end of the production shoot.

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We caught up with Gillian and Round Seven Films on location in the Lower East Side on Wednesday, April 29.  Check out photos from the set.

Round Seven Films - The Life of Death - on set photo gallery