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On set of Utopian Codex at Mountain Province.  Actors John Long and Destiny Shegstad along with Director Dexter David.
On Set of Utopian Codex with Dexter David

(released 3/29/2016)

We met up with filmmaker Dexter David and his crew on February 17th at Mountain Province, a coffee shop in Williamsburg, for the shooting of his short film Utopian Codex.  During our brief visit on set, the actors and crew worked in their shots while patrons sporadically filed in and out with their coffees and lattes.

Dexter was working with his Production Coordinator Lois Edwards, who he worked with previously.  They had a two camera setup with minimal lights and an audio mixer.  Dexter even had his son on set doing behind the scenes photography and learning how to break down the equipment.  We also met actors Destiny Shegstad and John Long.

Working under the name L-egant Promotions, this is Dexter's thesis film.  He is a graduate candidate for the Master's program at Brooklyn College.  Dexter started the semester with a co-producer who dropped from the project and Dexter had to start from scratch with a new idea.  Dexter wrote Utopian Codex which came about from some of today's hot topics.

Utopian Codex tells the story of programmers trying to avoid doing time for their crime.  The story takes place in the near future in a Utopian world where racism is programmed into our psyches.

Through the school, Dexter previously worked with the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, NY.  He shared some of the videos that he produced and here is a link to one in which a wolf is brought to Williamsburg.

You can see some photos from our on set visit to Mountain Province in the PhotoSeen.

You can also follow the progress of Utopian Codex on the film's Facebook page: