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Eric Stoltz and Alex Ross Perry during a Q&A following a screening of Her Smell at IFC Center. - April 11, 2019
Alex Ross Perry's Her Smell Brings Chaos to Screen

(released 4/18/2019)

Her Smell is a rundown of what it is like to be in a toxic relationship. The lead singer of her band Elizabeth Moss plays a dreadful addict, dysfunctional in every way and demanding of others' attention. The mates around her play to her demands. If you have never experienced a chaotic relationship, then you will appreciate the vision of Alex Ross Perry.  He has created such a needy visual effect into what that world of delusion is. If you have been intwined with this character type and learned proper coping skills to avoid this type of cyclone behaviorist, the journey of Her Smell is aggravating.

Following a 7 p.m. screening of Her Smell on Thursday night at the IFC Center, the Director Alex Ross Perry, Actor in the film Eric Stoltz, and a moderator representing Vanity Fair were present to converse with the audience.

The lead character was written with Moss in mind and Director Perry had later determined a great person to play the band's producer was Eric Stoltz.  He appears throughout the movie and brought a professional calm to the production recalled the director.

When Stoltz was asked by an audience member about the difference he experienced between his years of directing versus being the actor on the set, Stoltz recalled: the vision of the director, the story the director is trying to tell, is the priority as the actor. Stoltz learned this from film greats like Robert Mitchum and Vincent Price who took pride in knowing the director's story was being delivered. The actors of the past, Stoltz elaborated, were very engaged in the filming process versus today when faces are in phones and talking to an agent in the trailer becomes a new normal.

Her Smell is now playing in theaters.