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Bobblehead Jerry and Jerry Seinfeld throwing out the first pitch at Seinfeld Night for Phillies at Mets at Citi Field on Saturday, July 5th.
Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Season 11 is Here

(released 7/18/2019)

The much anticipated, often imitated Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee returns July 19, 2019 to NETFLIX. Season 11, can that be? Yes! 30 years ago, Seinfeld the sitcom was born. Today, Jerry has a second hit on his hands with the made for the new age kids of the inter webs type of TV, aka the streamers, CinCgettingC leads situational talk TV.

As Seinfeld himself notes in the season premiere trailer, the replication of his situational talk TV has been seen and continues to be seen. Proving the something out of nothing thing just works for Jerry. Or is he showing us all that humanity in a cup of coffee sit down is the true meaning of... never mind, he is a comedian, talking to other comedians. I am takin' this all too seriously.

Noting the upcoming guests of the show, the desire to binge episodes is great. Martin Short in green leather what? And Eddie Murphy, Bridget Everett, Mario Joyner, Sebastian Maniscalco, Foxx, Broderick, and more. From the car Jerry chooses, to the location of the coffee, what they order and what they talk about, I am in for the whole thing. Are you looking forward to the new episodes?

Below is the trailer for the upcoming season.