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Drew Tarver as "Cary Dubek", Case Walker as "Chase Dubek (ChaseDreams)", Heléne Yorke as "Brooke Dubek" Photo Credit: Comedy Central
Binge Comedy Central's The Other Two Now

(released 6/12/2019)

For the next two weeks, Comedy Central is allowing comedy fans to binge watch the entire first season of The Other Two for free.  The show stars Drew Tarver, Helene Yorke, and Case Walker.  Also on the show are Molly Shannon and Richard Kind.

Tarver plays Cary Dubek, a 29 year old aspiring actor.  Yorke plays Brooke Dubek, his 30 year old sister and a former professional child dancer.  They are the main characters, but the storyline revolves around their overnight sensation younger brother Chase (Dreams) played by Walker.  Molly Shannon plays the mother and you won't want to miss Richard Kind.  He plays Tarver's (Cary's) talent agent and is always in an interesting setting.  The show makes fun of the industry, so if you are, you will find it entertaining.

The Other Two takes place in New York City and you may have seen them shooting in spring 2018.  Shortly after the show premiered in January 2019,  a second season of the Broadway Video show was greenlit.

The creative team of Sarah Schneider and Chris Kelly are former SNL co-head writers.  They created, wrote, and executive produced the series.  Tune in after each episode, which has a conversation with both of them and actors about that episode.

You can stream the entire season at and on the CC App through June 24.